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By Chef Zara


Discover the art of cakes and cream cakes with our course at Konsult Baking and Culinary Academy! Learn how to create beautiful and delicious cakes with creamy frosting, from classic vanilla to indulgent chocolate ganache.


You will learn...


Introduction to cake making: Understanding the basic ingredients and techniques used in cake making, including flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and leavening agents. 


Types of cakes: Exploring different types of cakes, such as sponge cake, butter cake, chiffon cake, and angel food cake. 


Preparing the cake batter: Demonstrating how to properly mix, measure, and combine the ingredients to create a smooth, consistent cake batter. 


Baking techniques: Discussing different baking techniques, including pan preparation, baking times and temperatures, and oven calibration. 


Cake decorating basics: Learning how to properly level and frost a cake, including basic piping techniques and the use of fondant and edible decorations. 


Layer cakes: Learning how to assemble and decorate a layer cake, including the use of filling, frosting, and decorative touches. 


Cream cakes: Understanding the techniques involved in making cream cakes, such as whipped cream cakes, pastry cream cakes, and buttercream cakes. 


Chocolate cakes: Exploring the techniques and ingredients involved in making chocolate cakes, including the use of cocoa powder, melted chocolate, and ganache. 


Cake as a business: Discuss how to turn cake-making into a profitable business, including topics such as pricing, marketing, and scaling up production.

Cakes and Cream Cakes Workshop

₹9,950.00 Regular Price
₹6,965.00Sale Price
  • Fees once paid cannot be refunded under any circumstances. We shall refund it in full in case we are cancelling the class for whatever reason. Management reserves the rights.

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